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M.A.D. — Bituminous membrane for acoustic isolation of low frequencies

M.A.D. — Bituminous membrane for acoustic isolation of low frequencies

M.A.D.® is a bituminous sheet armed with mineral charges, coated on its external faces by a high density polyethylene film. Acoustically it works as a plastic element between elements rigid, being an effective substitute for lead; between elements spring works as membrane resonator (typical absorber at low frequencies).



  • By adhering to galvanised steel sheets, it improves the resonance of the sheet.
  • By increasing the insulation at low frequencies, the air chambers used can be as small as possible.
  • By increasing the mass of lightweight walls, a higher acoustic performance is achieved.
  • It shifts the resonance frequencies of the rigid elements making the insulation higher.
  • Between insulators, it transforms acoustic energy into dynamics, improving insulation at low frequencies.
  • Easy to install by stapling to the surface or using M.A.D. Self-adhesive.


  • It is used in industrial insulation as an anti-resonant material, providing acoustic mass to galvanised steel sheets.
  • It is used between rigid elements, such as gypsum plasterboard, to improve low-frequency insulation in both vertical and horizontal walls.
  • Used between spring elements to increase the overall isolation of the treatment, improving significantly at low frequencies.
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