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Established in 2006, Lien Son is one of the leading acoustic & AV contractors and consultants in the country specializing in architectural acoustics, noise and vibration control. We help you enhance sound reproduction, reduce sound transmission, and control noise and vibration to provide the optimal acoustic environment for buildings, facilities, and indoor and outdoor spaces. Our solutions are not only visually appealing, but also have the ability to control the sound on demand to bring comfort to the occupants of the space.


Our team of acoustic engineers from Australia and Vietnam (CPEng, APAC Engineer & AAAC) with over 40 years of experience, we can ensure consistent quality in solutions for projects. architecture, from design to installation.

Wide application for theater spaces, performing arts centers, houses, hotels & resorts, convention centers, offices, schools, healthcare centers and other architectural projects. .​ We analyze architectural planning, collect noise and vibration data to predict acoustic performance, and provide design recommendations to achieve acoustic goals. Our Architectural Acoustics services include:
  • Architectural Acoustics Design & Engineering
  • Room Acoustics, Room Shaping & Acoustic Modeling
  • Sound isolation
  • Measure noise & vibration
  • Comply with Vietnamese and International Regulations and Standards
Our noise and vibration control consultants use the latest measurement technologies to identify, quantify and characterize noise and vibration from MEP, HVAC, systems mechanics, elevators, ancillary facilities, and other sources, and assess their impact. We use acoustic modeling software to assess and predict expected noise levels, assess the impact of alternative designs, and recommend the most appropriate noise and vibration control solutions. Our diverse experience includes noise and vibration control solutions for:
  • HVAC systems: Rooftop units, chillers, cooling towers, air handlers, ductwork
  • Plumbing: Pipes, pumps, boilers
  • Elevator: Shaft, machine room, equipment
  • Electrical system: Generators, transformers
  • Ancillary facilities: garage, swimming pool, fitness center, etc. related systems and equipment

Acoustics is one of the key factors in creating memorable experiences in theaters, ballrooms, cinemas, and home entertainment rooms. We offer acoustical treatments including architectural acoustics, noise & vibration control, AV system to help enhance the quality of the performers’ delivery to their audiences.

Our process are based on technology and engineering focused. We start by analyzing and stimulating, then comes the design process, which includes:

• Room shaping: adjust the angles and locations for walls, ceilings and floors

• Isolating the space from unwanted noise sources

• Intergrating audio visual systems with the acoustics

We design Innovative Audio Visual and Multimedia Systems to meet the needs of clients, architects and interior designers. In this way, we can help create the desired environment through sound control.
  • Design briefs with client and architect
  • Develop design concepts & develop design
  • Prepare complete design and documentation including drawings and specification, manufactured in-house using AutoCAD, 3D STUDIO, 3D MAX, EASE 4.4 if required.
  • Bidding appraisal and recommending suitable contractors.
  • Monitor & operate and set up the installation and control system.
  • Final checks and recommendations for actual completion of the project.
Image by John Adams
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