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cách âm hồ bơi

Swimming pool isolation

Swimming pool activity, especially diving, can create high levels of vibrations in the pool structure. Unless isolated from the building, the swimming pool on the upper floors can be a major source of discomfort for all occupants.


Soundproofing and anti-vibration solutions for heavy machinery rooms

In the general industry, the production of equipment that generates vibration is increasing while the community and the workforce demand improved living and working conditions, free from vibration or structural noise. Both situations require a vibration control system designed to deliver predictable results consistent with the surrounding environment.


Complete interior decoration sound absorption solution

Our soundproof panels with high NRC certification not only ensure the sound absorption function but also help to increase the aesthetics of the space used. Acoustic panels use recycled materials and a wide range of colors for different uses.

brick wall alternatives

Soundproof wall solution to replace brick wall

With the advantage of lightness and quick construction, Lien Son's soundproof walls help ensure the required sound insulation criteria with reasonable investment and reduce construction time and load on the structure. Currently, this solution has been widely applied in hotel projects, offices, houses and music rooms,...


Soundproofing and anti-vibration solutions for gym system 

For environments where noise and vibration isolation is paramount to ensure optimal acoustic performance, such as music auditoriums or theaters, or applications with low noise and vibration levels High elevations, such as sports floors, bowling alleys and gyms, consideration should be given to installing rubber or cushioned floating floors.


Floating ceiling solutions

Our specialized soundproof ceiling solution is researched, tested, measured and tested to achieve a high sound insulation index, suitable for residential areas, hotels and resorts.


Specialized soundproof door solutions for hotels and houses

Lien Son's specialized soundproof doors are used in hotel and residential projects with a tested and certified sound insulation index of at least Rw 28.

soundproofwindow .jpg

Soundproof glass door solutions for music and recording rooms

Our soundproof glass doors are designed specifically for recording studios, listening to music with reasonable budget but high standards of response. The proposed solution is completely suitable for professional recording studios or home music rooms with the advantages of quick construction and diverse forms of customization.

hotel room isolation.jpg

Soundproofing solutions for walls / ceilings / floors for hotels and houses

We provide solutions that meet international soundproofing standards for hotels. In addition, today, when the quality of life is improved, people's demand for tranquility is also more concerned, Lien Son's solutions serve and meet these requirements from the people. use, thereby improving the quality of the project for the investor.


Floating floor solutions

Floating floor isolation is a broad term used to describe a floor structure that is separated from the structure through the use of elastic or non-rigid connections. Air chambers can be created to facilitate the reduction of airborne noise transmission, while the use of elastic supports, as well as airborne noise transmission aids, reduce vibration transmission. 


Soundproof fence solution

This is a solution to replace the fence with brick wall with reasonable cost and fast construction time. Our acoustic barriers, in addition to ensuring rigidity, are also light in weight and do not soften, warp or corrode easily. These panels are virtually maintenance-free and retain good quality under real-world conditions. With a special design, the special sound barrier fences are not prone to cracking like traditional walls when facing adverse natural conditions.


Soundproof glass door solutions for offices and showrooms

Lien Son's soundproof glass door solution helps to meet the requirements in terms of interior design but still ensures the sound insulation of the used space.

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