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Fonodan 900HS — Tấm cách âm dùng dưới sàn gạch

Fonodan 900HS — Tấm cách âm dùng dưới sàn gạch

FONODAN® 900 HS is a two-layer product consisting of a high-density membrane and a chemically cross-linked polyethylene heat-sealed to it, with a heat-sealed geotextile finish.



  • Thickness: 3.9mm
  • Dimensions: 0.92 x 10 m



  • Due to its low height, it allows for the acoustic rehabilitation of old floor slabs without the need to remove the floor.
  • Good impact sound insulation at low thickness and weight, ∆Ln = 23 dB.
  • High crush resistance.
  • Creates a feeling of buoyancy in ceramic wall tiles that imitate wood in new construction and renovation, making the imitation seem more realistic.
  • Highly resistant to humidity and water vapour. • Easy to install.
  • Highly resistant to tearing.
  • Not susceptible to attack by micro-organisms, ensuring its durability over time.



  • Specially designed to improve impact-sound insulation in renovation works with the direct bonding of ceramic floor tiles.
  • Allows floating systems with ceramic tiles to be created.
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