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Impactodan BT — Tấm cách âm sàn gỗ cao cấp 3mm

Impactodan BT — Tấm cách âm sàn gỗ cao cấp 3mm

IMPACTODAN® BT is a fexible sheet of chemically cross-linked polyethylene, closed cell on one side, and medium density that provides the product with an internal elastic structure. Acoustically it works as a shock absorber applied in a mass-spring-mass system.



• Thickness: 3mm

• Dimensions: 25x1.06m



• Improvement at impact noise ∆Ln = 20 dB.

• Great acoustic insulation at impact noise.

• Economical, easy and efficient installation.

• Great durability.

• Optimum chemical and thermal resistance.
• High resistance to moisture and steam diffusion.

• Good compressive strength.
• Feeling of comfort in the tread.
• Aluminum sealing tape reduces static load.
• Compatible with underfloor heating.



• For high acoustic performance floor systems such as hotels, residences, etc.

• Acoustic rehabilitation of floors.

• Complement of the IMPACTODAN® system.

• Anti-humidity and separation barrier for finishing on other flooring.



Volatile organic compounds (COV's) = 30 μg/m3
According to ISO 16000-6:2006

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